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Vedic Maths (Age Group 13yrs. Onwards)

652 = ? Your Child Can Solve These Problems In less than 3 Seconds .
952 = ?
999999999 x 9999999998 = ? Your Child Can Solve These Problems In less than 5 Seconds .
100000000 - 23824 = ?

This is Your Best Way to Help Your Child To Become Smart With Vedic Maths And Score A's!


In todays world of competition Vedic maths helps in improving mathematical skills of a child. It enhance in confidence building, provides sense of achievement, problem solving capability, creativity, concentration and mental endurance. Of late, Vedic Mathematics has been the talk of the World. But what is Vedic Mathematics? It is that branch which teaches you to add , subtract, multiply, divide and What not within minutes. More like mental mathematics but also a little different.

As you go through the Brain Boosters, Vedic Mathematics you will start looking at Mathematics from a different angle: you will feel that it is not at all as difficult as some people make it sound.

For students who love Mathematics, Vedic Mathematics can be learnt within no time and for those who do not at all like Mathematics, you will get addicted to it and realize that mathematics is not boring, after all.

Such is the effect of Vedic Mathematics!

Go ahead! Find out of yourself.

What is Vedic Mathematics?

Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient Indian system of Arithmetic that is rediscovered by Sri Bharati Krisna Tirtaji (1884-1960), from the treasured Indian Vedic texts. He believed that Vedas represented an “inexhaustible mine of profound wisdom”. According to his research all of mathematics is based on Sixteen Sutras, or word-principle / formulae. These principles describe the way the mind naturally works and guides the user to solve complex mathematical problems with greater speed and accuracy in the most efficient manner.

According to Sri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji, the ancient Vedic mathematicians used to, as a general rule, record the Sutras in Sanskrit verses so that it is easily memorized, and could be passed on orally from generation to generation even if the written records are destroyed. As these Sutras cover every branch of mathematics from algebra to spherical cones, “there is no mathematics beyond the jurisdiction of Vedic Mathematics”. These Sixteen Sutras listed below are pillars of the Vedic Mathematics structure.

It is the name given to the ancient system of Mathematics that simplifies multiplication, division, squaring, cubing, square roots, cube roots and complex numbers.


The basis of Vedic Mathematics is the 16 sutras and their upasutras  (corollaries)

The most striking feature of the Vedic System is its coherence. Instead of a mixture of unrelated techniques, the whole system is beautifully inter-related and unified. The general multiplication method can be reversed to allow one-line divisions, simple squaring method can be reversed to give one-line square-roots, etc. And these can be easily understood.

Therefore, you will find that these striking methods are just a part of a complete system of Mathematics that is far more systematic than the modern system. The calculations can be carried out mentally as well as in writing.

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