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Abacus For Tiny Tots (Age Group 5 - 7 yrs.)

Tiny tots are the future of Nation. Abacus helps them to learn faster, easier way of calculation while having fun. This improves creativity, confidence and concentration of a child & creates a Natural liking for arithmetic in Kids.

The term “abacus” originates with the Arabic “abq” which means “dust” or “fine sand”. This would become “abax” or “Abakan” which is “table” in Greek. Latin for “sand tray” is “abacus”.

ABAX a Greek word that means calculating board or a calculating table. The ABACUS is a mechanical and used for counting, it is not a calculator in a sense we use. The use of ABACUS improves the ability to calculate both on ABACUS and mentally, but also provides a beneficial ripple effect on another discipline, like:


  • Greater Concentration

  • Keener Listening Skill

  • Better Memory

  • Sharper Observation

  • Better Ways of Expression

  • Better Application Skills

  • Better Reflexes

  • More Self Confidence

  • Improved Analytical Skills

  • Better Creative And Imaginative Skills

  • Improved Reading, Writing And Learning Skills

  • Improved Endurance

  • Better Calculation Skills

  • Develop Unconscious Competence

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