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“BRAIN BOOSTERS” Programmes are highly structured programmes available to sharpen your child’s mental maths skill through the ancient tool i.e. ABACUS.

  1. Abacus For Tiny Tots (Age Group 5-7 yrs.)
  2. Mental Arithmetic (Abacus) (Age Group 7-14 years)
  3. Vedic Maths (Age Group 13yrs. Onwards)
Do You feel that your child is facing these problems like :
  • Lack of Concentration.

  • Lack of Self confidence.

  • Lack of True Performance.

  • Lack of Grassping Power.

  • Lack of Interest in Studies.

  • Lack of Creativity.

The schedule Of the Programme of the courses offered are appended below for your perusal please.
Courses Age Group Duration Classes

Mental Arithmetic
Through Abacus

(8 levels ; 3 months each)

7 to 14 years 2 Hours once in a week

Vedic Maths

(4 parts)

13 years onwards 1 1/2 Hours once in a week

Abacus for Tiny Tots

(4 parts)

5 to 7 years 2 Hours once in a week
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